Latest email in Inbox disappears upon Refresh

I am on version 8.2.1237. I’ve encountered an issue that happens too frequently to be considered an anomaly. While I am reading emails already in my Inbox and the Refresh process begins to bring in new emails, that latest of the emails that were already in the Inbox is deleted. There is no recovery for the lost email. A subsequent Refresh does not bring it back. I have lost important emails this way, and on a number of occasions had to ask someone to resend.

Using web mail on your host site, do you see the emails there?

Apart from checking webmail as @sunriseal advised, check if you have eg: previously setup any eM Client rules to maybe moving them to specific folder or deleting them etc.

Click “Menu / Rules”. This is a default eM Client Rules setup.

When this issue first started, the lost email was removed from the host as well. This is when I had to have the sender resend the email. With more recent occurrences, including one yesterday, the email is not removed from the host. After a few auto-refreshes in eM Client, the email resurfaces in the Inbox but is marked as having been read as if it had been there all along, just not visible. The issue only affects the latest email in the Inbox at the time of a refresh. One or more emails enter the Inbox, and the most recent email from the previous refresh is removed from the Inbox, at least temporarily.