Last update!

Oh boy.
Finally with the today’s update that annoying error window popping up every while has stopped!
I thought I’d have to live with it forever since after inquiring help from the support guy I was told that my domain provider should be blamed for that. Sure…

I’ve changed my domain provider twice since then with no changes related to that damn em client error window until today.

That’s why I’m so happy today.

I have the opposite; since the last update yesterday (to 7.0.30068.0) every sync produces a shi#load of erros (one for every account) “Server conversion error” with the only option: Ignore.
Define F#ckup.

Looks like every eM update is like a mine field where someone always gets in the deep sh#@t when someone else is happy … until next time…
Russian roulette case? Guess so.

Is it possible to get back. The softwareis hanging up all the - need to restart computer every 10 minutes

Same here! Hangs problems since last update.

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Install 7.1 B2.  Way better than 7.0.x.

Como descargo 7.1 B2, Link please

Very stable.

Well, for now I’m happy enough with 7 last update to mess with the 7.1 beta.