Last reply does not appear in conversation

em Client version : 8.1.979 (65fd04a) Pro
When replying to a mail in a conversation, the reply does not appear in the conversation thread until a new mail is received.
I can see the message “You replied to this email …” at the beginning of the mail but I need to go manually to the sent folder to see what I actually replied.

It seems like it did work as per : Recently replies I send to messages are appearing in my inbox

@Anaghir As you have a Pro version of EMC, I would lodge that via the Pro support page. See following link.

The only thing I can suggest for now, is “Disable Conversation” mode.

@cyberzork Thanks for your reply, I will try through the Pro support page.
The reply is not lost it just does not appear in the conversation mode. So disabling it, only hides the problem and the conversation mode is overall doing what it does well.