Large email for no reason

I made a Template with text only, except a few Bullets. 
I have a Signature Template that is added to the outgoing email that includes a small PNG photo (127 kb) and a text line that is linked to a website.
when I try to send the email the software is slow to respond and then comes up wit ha warning that i am about to send a large email. What is making it large?

It might just be that your settings have the confirmation set to a small size.

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Confirmations.

Thanks. I had it set to 10 MB, so that is what is confusing. There should be nothing making the email so large and it seems to happen on Templates and not an email I create from scratch.

You probably want to check the template again. Maybe there is another image or attachment there that is that large.

If that fails, recreate the template and see if that is any different.