Large attachment organisation -- Right click - Remove attachments request

I’m tidying my archive
circa 120K emails
some with large attachments
I sort by attachment size and then remove the attachments manually from some of them every year

Time consuming.
It would be good to be able to select emails → Right click → Remove attachments

or have some sort of feature for auto shedding attachments over xxxKB after xxx days.

Mail archive is now at around 50GB!

If you have a Pro license, you can go to the Attachments section of eM Client and remove them in bulk there.

See the Documentation (F1) which describes the Attachment View. You can sort or filter them them by size, date, attachment types, see them per account or folder, etc.

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What a stunning reply! Excellent I will get right to it

I do have a pro license



I’m using the tool now - I’m trying to delete the oldest + largest files first.

I can sort by age
or by size but not both

It would be good to be able to view a certain years attachments, then I can then sort by size and zap the large ones.

Alternatively if we could see only the “Huge” etc size categories, I could then sort by date and zap the oldest.

Best - Nathan

Version 8.2 if that makes any difference