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do you have Turkish language support?

Hi, unfortunately not at the moment, we wish we could add a Turkish language support in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

har du Tyrkisk sprogstøtte? i programmet ??

do you have Turkish and Danish language support? in the program also language pack ???

Hi Frank, we have both language packs available for use in eM client. Turkish language was added quite recently but it’s already included and working like a charm.

Hope this helps,

Danish language support? I can’t see any option to change so danish… Only Norwegian and Swedish are available from the Scandinavian languages.

Hello Andreas, sorry my mistake, Danish localization is not available yet in the application, however we’ve just had a discussion with one of our users recently and we’re working to include this local update in future releases as well. Once again sorry for the confusion.

Can I help translating in to danish?

Hello Andreas, thank you for you support, however we’ve recently submitted the data for translation to another volunteer, the translation process is currently not optimized for multiple users, however if any problems occur and the translation is not finished or needs correction, we’ll definitely check back with you and hopefully we can pick up on this offer :slight_smile:

When can we expect Danish language support?

Yes, are there any news on the progress?

Hello Andreas, as far as I know, the danish language support is being worked on and should be included in future releases of eM Client, please check with my colleague wilson at if you’d be interested in helping us checking the translations or anything else that might require your expertise.

Thank you,

Is there any status on the danish language support?

EDIT: Never mind. Just read that it will be included in V7 :slight_smile: