language detected issue

eM Client version 9.2.2157 (5b49542)
I get email in Slovenian language daily when i receive an email which is a reply to my mail
i do not get the " Slovenian language detected . Do you want to translate massage now or never" option

it works fine on first time received emails but not with replys to me. and ideas

The translation detection is based on what language the bulk of the message text is in.

Are there more words in Slovenian than all other languages in the message?

the email reply its self has 13 words of slovenian total no other language but if its counting the text in the email its replying further down the mail then the count of english in the main email then there is more english.than slovenian so does it count the language of both emails.
is there any option from the toolbar in emclient to maybe turn on the translator
regards Gary

Yes, because more of the text is in English, you will not be offered a translation.

There are no settings to change this. It simply detects what language the bulk of the message is in, and offers a translation if it is different from the language eM Client is set to use.