Lagging period when opening an email

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could give me tips/tricks on what I could do to eliminate my lagging issue when I click on an email.
Every time I click on the new email to see the body on the right-side pane window, I only see the little dots at the top and sometimes it takes 30-40 seconds before it loads.

I was hoping someone would have a suggestion. (The rest of my pc (Win10) never lags, even if I multitask)

Thanks for your time,

By default for IMAP accounts, eM Client only downloads the message header, and the content is downloaded when you click on the message. You can change that in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then click on the IMAP tab and change the offline options. If you select to download messages for offline use, eM Client will download the complete message when it arrives. Later when you click on the message it should open immediately.

Some messages have linked content, so that will still need to be downloaded when you open the message, but otherwise you should see some improvement.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and help me.
When I follow the steps, I have no tab that says IMAP…I have General, POP3, SMTP and Diagnostics.

OK, that just means you are not using IMAP. POP3 downloads the complete message with attachments already, so there is no setting to change that, but a delay may be because of linked content in the message.

Is this happening with all messages?

Unfortunately, yes!  With all emails.  The email can have a simple “Hi” only and it takes that 30-40 seconds for me to see the body.  I know its not the end of the world lol but sometimes when I’m on a roll, it drives me crazy a bit…lol

There are a few things in eM Client that can slow it down, but it should not take that long to view a simple message.

If the database is on a very slow mechanical hard disk, rather than an SSD, or on a network share, it can be a bit sluggish. Also, sometimes conversation mode can be a bit slow. You can disable that to see if there is any difference by going to Menu > View > Conversations.

Worth a try for sure.
I disabled it, I’ll keep you updated.
Thanks a bunch Gary.