Lack of paragraph formatting

I just started using eM Client and am considering replacing MS Office Outlook with it, as it is feature-rich and looks and feels a lot like Outlook. But I have found so far that it is lacking one important feature, that being an ability to format paragraphs.
I normally place six-point spacing after paragraphs, which results in a very neat and readable format, even when going through and returning from some non-HTML recipients. I can’t do this here. I did copy/paste a few short sample paragraphs from MS Word into an eM Client test email I created. I right-clicked and selected “Edit Source” and found the code, which is straightforward and simple. If I copy/paste a single properly formatted paragraph from Word into a new email and alter the text and add additional paragraphs it all works. But this isn’t the way to run a business!
I see that users have been complaining about this for years. Why isn’t the support for paragraph formatting in eM Client by now?
Again, eM Client appears so far for the most part to be a great email replacement for Desktop Outlook, and I may purchase it if I don’t find many more holes in the support.