Kudos to the sales and support team

I came to eMClient from Apple Mail about a month ago

Now, four weeks later, I just purchased my third license for my new Macbook Air. I also have licenses on my Mac Studio and Macbook Pro.

I suppose you can say I am rather impressed with eMClient.

It’s not just that. Support and Sales response has been excellent. I have been shooting Gary support tickets over the past month and he usually responds within a day. If I have a follow-up question I just continue the conversation with him and he’s always happy to respond.

This past weekend, I posed some licensing questions to Juraj in sales. He also responded promptly and assisted in combining all my licenses together.

This is certainly not the kind of service you would get from Apple. If there are email issues or features you want, you are pretty much at the mercy of the company. In their defense, Apple’s email client is pretty solid.

I get the feeling that the developers are committed to constantly upgrading eMClient and adding features that many of us requests (HINT: Directional Delete please). For that reason, I purchased the lifetime upgrade addition anticipating revisions to come.

I am very happy with what I have seen here in a very short time. I would just urge the developers to please take into consideration many of the feature requests. I’d like to think users are part of the developmental process and that everyone’s suggestions are being considered in perfecting a nearly perfect mail client.