Keyboard shortcut to Tag/Mark emails, for fast tagging of full inbox

I’ve been using eM Client for a couple of weeks.

Working from the Inbox, I would like to see the option to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Tag/Mark command, and from there, simply to type the name of the Tag(s) for each email.

Tags pop up as you begin typing and you just hit Return to apply the Tag(s).

The fastest way to process a full inbox (or other folder) is to Tag and Archive. In other clients (Office 365 and Gmail) this is done using keyboard shortcuts. It’s easy and efficient.

Can we please have the same functionality in a future version of eM Client?

Thank you.

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eM Client already allows you to select from a predefined set shortcuts for tags.

Go to Menu > Tags. Select a tag and choose Edit.


There is also a shortcut for archive - Ctrl+Shift+A

I see. Thank you for your quick response.

Unfortunately, I have many Tags (around thirty) which is why I’d really like the ability to type Tag names. With so many, it just makes shortcuts specific to single Tags unfeasible.

It’s good to know there are Tag-specific shortcuts for users with fewer Tags, but if typing Tag names could be added (as happens when Moving to a Folder) that would be really fantastic.

Thanks again.


I’m using GTD (aka Inbox Zero) and have a working setup in Outlook with a tagging plugin and about 500 Tags. I already would have switched away from MS to emClient if not for the missing tagging functionality. I would also gladly pay for a working solution.

So 1+ from me for this feature proposal.

If implemented I suggest it should be working with appointments, contacts and - clearly - filtering :slight_smile:

For workflow reference the plugin is called SimplyTag (another one where tagging is restricted to mails is TagIt!).

Oh, I would love that functionality! Like a “Quick tag” window shortcut. A small window appears, type in a few letters, and select tag.
That is an absolute must-have!