Keyboard shortcut to select an email

Hi! I recently migrated our company email to Microsoft and had to switch email clients as a result of a lack of support for Exchange. So far, I’m liking eM Client, just getting used to the differences, like no single pane viewing.

That said, one thing I can’t seem to find, and am desperately missing, is how to select an email with the keyboard. My specific use case is selecting multiple, non-consecutive emails to bulk archive.

Shift + Arrow keys works as I would expect, but selecting consecutive emails isn’t something I commonly do. When using Ctrl + arrow keys, there does appear to be a cursor that moves up and down between emails, but there is no key (that I can find) to select with.

I am aware that Ctrl + Click accomplishes this, but I would prefer to not need to use my mouse as the arrow keys are significantly faster for me as I scan though my inbox, email by email. I just felt it was strange that selecting emails consecutively is supported using only a keyboard, but multi-selecting out of order is not.

Any suggestions or information on this would be appreciated!