Keyboard Shortcut to Archive an Email?

How do we archive an email message from the keyboard?

There is a default shortcut defined at Ctrl+Shft+A.  Seems not be working for me currently.

Hello all,

Yes, the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A works for those accounts which support this feature.


Thank you Russell.  The Ctrl+Shift+A shortcut is not working for me, as I said.  I recently changed from using IMAP to using POP3.  Would that explain the shortcut not working?

(I am using POP3 so that I won’t be “dinged” every time an email shows up on the server.)  


Hello Gary,

Yes, for the POP3 accounts, the archive feature would be meaningless. Actually, the POP3 protocol works just as Archive feature in IMAP accounts - The message is downloaded to be kept locally and then deleted from the server.


My archive folders are located on my desktop machine.  eM does not support archiving to “local” folders?  


Some other clients provide a way to move selected messages into an “Archive” folder manually by pressing a single key, such as “a”, “y”, or “e”. This would be useful.

This works if your server supports a compatible archiving feature. Gmail is an example where using Ctrl+Shift+A will archive the message. 

You can change the shortcut key in Menu > Tools > Settings > Shortcuts.

I use POP, so I want a keyboard shortcut that will simply move one or more selected messages into a different folder that is pre-specified.

So it is not about archiving, you simply want a shortcut to move the message to a folder. Unfortunately eM Client doesn’t support that, but you can right-click on the messages and choose Move To Folder, or simply drag them across to the destination.

Thank you. My suggestion for a new feature is to enable what I have described. This is a very common method of processing messages, from the user’s perspective.

You can create an Idea on this forum, rather than asking a question, and depending on the interest that is shown, it may be considered for future versions.


if you like the mail archive function with "A" key, I suggest you to install thunderbird

Further to my comment 7 months ago, version 8 now supports archiving for all IMAP accounts, not just Gmail. This is done by selecting the message, then using the shortcut Ctrl+Shift +A.