Keyboard shortcut for Zoom on macOS


I use em Client under Windows for some years now and I am very happy!! Now I have to use a Mac, and I was even more happy to see that the emClient-Mac is working fine :slight_smile:

But I miss two things:

  • in Reading, a shortcut for zooming like Ctrl-+ and Ctrl-- on Windows. I see that at least there is a context menu entry. Or even Ctrl-Mousewheel.

  • more important, on Writing a mail, I miss this shortcut even more. There is no context entry. I tried everythink like all special keys with and without the mouse wheel. No zoom :((

Greetings. Joerg

Russel recently commented in another thread that the context menu is there by two finger click. Did you try that?

Thanx for the answer, but it’s not the context menu that I’m missing, but a way to zoom in and out when viewing and (more important) writing a mail.

When viewing, the context menu is a workaround, because it has zoom function. When writing, I can open the context menu, but there is no zoom there. 

In Windows also there is no context entry when viewing a message in a new window, but there is in the preview pane. The shortcuts do work even when they are not in the menu.

I guess there are some options not there in the Mac version.