Keyboard Shortcut for Colored Categories

I’ve been digging through the forum but I haven’t found a clear answer for this. Is there a keyboard shortcut you can assign the different colored categories to? I.e. - press num pad 1 to assign an email to red category (or whatever you name it). 

This would save me a lot of time!

Yes go to Menu top left hand corner, select Message, select categorise & choose a colour. Simples

When you create a Category, you can assign a shortcut.

It is a little limited, but works great.

Great, thank you!

 Is there a way to assign it to a different key other then Ctrl+F(x) ?   I would much rather prefer just using the number 1 2 or 3 key for assigning categories.  Much easier and less cumbersome.  Thunderbird allowed this.  Any suggestions?

I can’t seem to figure out how to make these work in OS/X(Mac) – anyone dealt with this yet? I’ve assigned, using the drop-down menu as shown above, but holding down the “control”-key while pushing an F-key doesn’t work; dittos for doing control+fn+F combos.

eM Client only allows those options. Sorry Andrew.