Keyboard layouts problem

Hi, I have three keyboard layouts (eng Russian and Ukrainian). To switch between layouts using the combination ctrl + shift. When I write a letter in two languages and switch layout - text formatting occurs on the basis of the Arabic language - from right to left … How to solve this problem?

Hello Roman,

Could you please check if this only occurs in eM Client or also elsewhere, e.g. in a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs?

Thank you,

I checked all variants :slight_smile:
This problem only occurs in the eM client.
And only in the field of writing letters. In the address bar, and in the subject - is OK.

If I switch the keyboard layout using the mouse - this problem does not occur.

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Hello Roman,

When it comes to text editing, eM Client also uses the Windows’ shortcuts. The ‘Ctrl+Shift’ shortcut in Windows is supposed to change text alignment - ‘Left Ctrl+Shift’ aligns to the left and ‘Right Ctrl+Shift’ aligns to the right. This shortcut is now also somehow used for switching between keyboard layout.
Since your text is already aligned to left, could you please see if pressing Left Ctrl+Shift only changes the keyboard layout without changing the alignment?


Hmm, I did not know that the shortcut Right Shift + Ctrl aligns text to the right.
Always (over 20 years) used this shortcut to change the layout. Indeed, if you press the left combination (Left Hift+Ctrl) - text is aligned ago.
By the way - anywhere, in any software not seen this method of alignment of the text…

Hello Roman,

We apologize for the inconvenience, our developers will examine it more closely and we will then get back to you. Could we please ask if the left ‘Ctrl+Shift’ changes the keyboard layout?


Hi, everyone.
Just want to confirm the same problem !!!
if I press right Ctrl+Shift - layout is changing
but if I click LEFT Ctrl+Shift - layout has not been changed
It is very inconvenient for us.
Please take all necessary actions not to change keyboard layout.
By the way, writing this message in that form and using right Ctrl+Shift does NOT result in keyboard layout.
Keyboard layout change while typing  - really dives me crazy.
And I do not want to use another program instead of emClient

thank you

I have the same problem and it is realy BAD, becouse many years i used ctrl + shift to switch languages and i also uses both right and left shifts. And when i tiping the text it turns to RTL…
I think there must be an ability to shitch off this function.
In all others programs it work normal, not switching RTL or LTR
Word, TextEditors, VisualStudio, Skype and others.