Keyboard Lag When Typing New Message

Is anyone else seeing annoying keyboard lag when typing a new message? If it’s a common problem is there a fix?

I’m getting the same thing!  I was just going to post a new thread because I didn’t see anyone else with the issue.  Does anyone know why?  It ONLY happens in EMClient.

I have the same problem. I have only one IMAP account.
eM Client ver. 7.1.33101.07.1. so, seems to be the up to date.
I am using Windows 10 home 1803 version.
Never had such problem with eM Client before.

Same problem. It is so bad, I’ll need to find another email client - this won’t cut it.

I went to Thunderbird.  Much better.

Yes, emClient has issues that they should have fixed long ago. Thunderbird is fast and reliable.

I would love to say they fixed it in the last year, but it’s still there. I noticed it last night while typing up an email. And I’m using the paid version, not the free tier.

I do not have emclient accessible right now but delayed keyboard is a sign of the auto-correction in spelling. See if you can disable it in settings and then restart emclient and see if you still have the issue. Incidentally, I have seen this on Thunderbird and Outlook too.

Im new to the forums here and this thread popped up in my email a minute ago. Looking over the thread I didnt see any mention of auto-correction.

Happened too me as well, several times in the last few days. Could only fix it by restarting my ipad.

eM Client is not yet optimised for the iPad, so there may be some issues.

If you encounter any while testing the beta, please send your feedback to [email protected]