Key shortcut to focus on email content?

I’m using eM Client v8 in a customised layout, with the inbox list at the top, and email content below (similar to Thunderbird). I’m a keyboard person, so I’m looking for a shortcut key which switches focus from the email list to the content, as shown below:

I’ve looked through the shortcuts, but can’t see which one might be that option. Does one exist?

For example, in Thunderbird (where I’ve come from), you could simply use the Tab key to cycle focus between the various panes - folders, inbox list and email content. I’m looking for something similar, or at least switching between the list and the content. Thanks!

I think I may have found the issue… I have to press Tab quite a few times to get to the different panes.

The problem is there’s not much visual feedback about where my focus currently is. The Tab key seems to cycle through a crazy amount of different contexts, in the following order, starting from an item in the inbox list:

  1. unseen buttons on the list line,
  2. every single hyperlink in the email body
  3. the agenda
  4. a further 10+ unseen objects
  5. the search box
  6. the “Mail” sidebar
  7. 5 further unseen objects
  8. finally back to the inbox list item
  9. 2 more unseen objects
  10. then moves the focus to the next inbox list item!
  11. every 5 Tabs after that, it moves the focus to the next inbox item - skipping all the above!

So I’m left wondering what the heck the Tab key actually “does”, as it does different things at different times, and indeed different things as you keep pressing it.

So the Tab key is something I’m going to avoid like the plague as it’s just confusing. :slight_smile: UI controls need to be simple and clear within specific contexts.

What I’m after is a key that will simply change focus from the inbox list to the email body, so I can use the Up/Down arrows to scroll down and read the email, then hit a key to get back to the email list, to read another email. Is there a key that will simply do that? :slight_smile:

Yes, it is the same in eM Client.

I remember in version 7 there were a few extra hits to get there, and it may also be like that in early version 8 releases. If you download yesterday’s release in the Release History it is just a single Tab strike to get from the message list to the preview pane.

Thanks! Do you mean the latest v7 release, or the latest v8 release? I’m currently using 8.0.3385.

Yes, the version 8 release which is currently at 8.0.3499