Kerio Public Folders error

I am using eM Client with Kerio Connect 7.3.1 patch2 and contiunally get this error in the error log.

Kerio: An error occurred

[CalDAV / CardDAV] Subfolder synchronization for folder “Public Folders” failed with the following error: Not found

The folder “Public Folders” is listed under my Kerio Contacts along with sub folder “Company” but selecting the Company folder shows the message “There are no contacts to show in this viewer”.

Does em Client not support Kerio’s public folder set up. It would be great if it did as we have both public folders for contacts and calendars. Neither of which I can currently use.

I am using em Client 4.0.14479.0


although eM Client works with Kerio partially, there are limitations such as non-displayed shared folders, inability to use multiple contact folders and few more. We have been trying to cooperate with Kerio on making this work (all these issue are rather on the server side). However, Kerio officially supports only Apple clients and does not plan to change this policy soon, hence they are not willing to cooperate on these issues.

Thanks for the reply. That’s a bit of a shame about the Kerio side of things.

As a follow-up then; is it possible to stop the error messages popping up? I have turned off CalDAV/CardDAV logging but the errors are still persisting.



same problem with me.

It’s a shame for Kerio. Its a well designed product, but why don’t they keep with the standards to set customers in a position to switch to the client that best fits their needs?
As long as Kerio binds one to Outlook, its still cheaper than Exchange, but as narrowing as Exchange, too.


any news on Kerio support - I found this tread looking for info on errors with Kerio. Outlook has full support for Kerio but we experience big performance problems with outlook and would like an alternative. em is fast - but its using IMAP (actually outlook is also fast using IMAP/kerio) - but the rest is lacking and not very integrated. I want users to just say “I want a kerio account” and this gives email, calendar, contacts in one setup. (its not even very important that its using IMAP or not - just ONE setup and ofcause it should WORK :slight_smile:

You can use EWS with kerio today - im doing this from Java code in project so maybe EM client could also look at this?

would really be something if we had a fast and also cheaper, better alternative to Outlook for Kerio.

The Autodiscover functionality of Kerio should work with eM Client and an account with IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV settings should automatically be created by just entering email address and password. However due to technical issues this may not work with Kerio servers older than 8.1.0 beta 1 (377) or eM Client older than version 5.0.


Autodiscover works realy fine :slight_smile: Is there any progress regarding the non-displayed public folders in E-Mail and Calendar-view ?

Regards, René