Kerio no Archive Folder

I have access to the Archiv Folder on Kerio.
I see it in Webmail and i am able to get with Thunderbird/IMAP
But i don’t see the folder in eM Client

You can go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Exchange folder. Scroll down to Public Folders and tick the Show Archive Folders option.

If it is correctly implemented on the server, they will be added in the sidebar.

Oh, i tried already.
But i get an error:

“Account does not have active archive folders.”

I am the Kerio admin and have all rights.
In Kerio Web Client the Archive show up, also in Thunderbird via IMAP

I discussed this with our developers and they say that the server archives are part of the EWS specification, but for M365 servers only. It is not available through Kerio’s version of EWS. Unfortunately that means you won’t have access to them in a Kerio account setup using EWS. If your server permits it, you can setup the account manually using IMAP. Full instructions for manual setup are in the Getting Started section of the Documentation (F1).

yes, i can confirm that IMAP works.
You should add a “no Archive” to your Kerio description :wink: