Keeps asking for Licence activation

Hi can anyone help with a Licence activation problem.  I have eM Client installed on my PC and two laptops that are all accessing the same email address. When I open eM Client in any of the three places it is installedit keeps stating that the licence is invalid however when I put in the activation key issued when I downloaded the program it works fine.  Is there any way to stop it repeatedly asking for the activation key to be used to get the program to work?

If you are using a Free License, you will need to register a separate license for each computer. As you can only register one license per email address, you will need to use different email addresses for each one you register.

If you are using a Pro License, you will need to purchase an additional license for each computer.

" If you are using a Pro License, you will need to purchase an additional license for each computer."

Thanks for posting that. Almost nobody owns just one computer. So it almost sounds to me that eM mail is designed to extract more dollars from their clients, above that of a fair price.

Can you not add additional licences at the bulk pricing after your initial purchase - businesses and individuals often acquire additional PCs over time?

You can add additional licenses to the original but a single license added will cost the full price. The discounted pricing will only apply if you are adding more than one license. So if you add two to your original license, it will be an additional $65.

So by wanting one additional licence, having already purchased two, I get penalised and have to pay full price again for the third?  Hardly seems fair,

I think it is fairly common to offer a bulk discount that only applies at the time of purchase. My local supermarket regularly has 3 for 2 deals. But if I purchase an item today and then go back next week to purchase the other 2 because it was really good, the deal does not apply. Hardly seems fair.

Not the same. They are advertised as a specific deal. It is very much normal practice to add additional licences as bolt on within a volunm structure for aoftware. And do not try and patronise me

You are entitled to your opinion Andy. My experience is that this is a common practice, even with software. Of the 20 or so applications on my computers, not one offers a loyalty or discount option based on previous purchases. Some do offer volume discounts on one-time purchases though, just like eM Client. For corporate customers, I am sure many do have other arrangements for high volume licenses.

If you want a flexible volume licensing agreement with eM Client Inc. for your company, maybe you could contact them directly and see what they say. Try [email protected]. But they don’t offer such an arrangement through the web site, and I am sure it is unlikely to be considered for low volume purchases.

question - if I buy a pro license, does the software work on its own or does it phone home to check the license periodically?

I read an old message about the eM Client license servers being down, which stopped the software from working

I’m still evaluating this package - if it phones home then I think I’ll have to pass

Yes, eM Client does contact the licensing server periodically to verify the status of the license. This applies to both the Free and Pro Licenses.

I did some testing last year where the application was activated and thereafter used only on an intranet. After about a week there was a warning that it was not able to connect with the licensing server, and that sending and receiving of email would be disabled. It is unlikely that under normal conditions you would not be able to connect with the licensing server for that period of time, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

not perfect but so far this app seems to be the best of an imperfect bunch

thanks again, Gary