keep getting an error

downloaded and done the auto set up, but keep getting an error 'an attempt to connect to ‘email address’ failed this could be caused by temp server unavailability or incorrect settings.  Any advise please?

From the error pop-up, you can go directly to your account settings, or Menu > Tools > Accounts. There you can enter the settings provided by your email provider, or on the Diagnostics Tab, click on Diagnose and then Fix to try and correct the problem.

If that does not work, if you let us know who your email provider is, someone can give you the settings that they use.

Hi thanks, on the diagnostics tab I dont have diagnose…
Im trying to create accounts for gmail and ntlworld (virgin)

Ah yes, if the setup was done by Automatic Setup, then Gmail will be using OAuth, so no diagnose button.

GMail’s setup should be

Maybe someone can comment on Virgin.

thank you for your help but the gmail is set up like above ??

Can you completely disable your antivirus and firewall and try again?

have tried that thank you but still no luck.  I wont have time now for a few days but will check to see if there are any other posts.  thanks

One thing you can check is in settings in the web interface for your GMail account, that IMAP is enabled.

This seems to be the most recent post on this matter that I can find. I’m a recent user of eM - at the beginning all was good but recently I’ve been getting the connection issue, mostly for my hotmail account (sometimes with my gmail account). The gmail settings are as above. It doesn’t always happen; the problem is intermittent but it happens often enough to be annoying. Given that it doesn’t always happen, could it still be a setup problem or more likely something else? Thanks

I think it’s probably an issue with the providers or your internet connection.  Are you still able to send and receive?  If yes, these intermittent errors can be annoying but not fatal.  If everything is working Ok and you just don’t want to see them, go to menu/tools/settings/general and in the “Operations” section, un-check the “Show window when an error occurs”.

Hello Jay, sorry for responding so late; I’ve been distracted by holidays. Thanks for your reply. I don’t think it’s an issue with my internet or provider as no other software that requires internet experiences problems. When the error message occurs, send and receive stop working - the little “spinning circle” just keeps spinning and, eventually, the error message comes up: there’s no movement during that time. However, it seems to be happening less, for whatever reason. Hopefully this will continue.