Just updated, as requested by software. ALL email has disappeared.

Started eM Client.
Got a message to install an update to fix a “few problems”.
Clicked OK to proceed.
ALL my email is now gone and the software doesn’t recognize that I’m a licensed/paid user.

I hope you have a backup. You tend to need it with this software.

From what version to what version? If version 6 to 7, then go to menu/file/import and select eM Cleint 6.

Does the upgrade from 6 to 7 automatically export all old email? Seems many see this problem from not backing up or exporting stuff before the move to 7. Lucky for me I’ve been ignoring these requests to upgrade. 6 is working just fine for me, why fix what ain’t broke?

There is an option to upgrade the version 6 database to version 7.  However, it is apparently very easy to miss, as I see this issue all the time in this forum.  The good news is even if you miss the option in the upgrade, it can still be done after-the-fact.  Also, the upgrade leaves the v. 6 database intact, so you can go back to v. 6 after upgrade.

Version 7 introduced “conversation mode”, which is the most significant reason to upgrade (at least for me).  While version 6 is still fine, keep in mind that it is no longer supported with updates and it is based on Internet Explorer as a rendering engine, which is a dead product itself (although it probably will not go away for some time).

Thanks all. While the message I received implied the update was a minor fix, my client software was upgraded from version 6 to version 7.0.27943.0 which was not obvious. Using menu/file/import did restore my email. Now seems like a good time to do a backup!