Just some suggestions on design layout

I would like to see design changes:

  1.  Move the search up next to “invite to eM Client”, this would provide more space for the actual mail.
  2.  I’d like to customize the size of the font for each menu/tool bar, FOLDERS, etc.
  3.  This is IMPORTANT , I’d like to rearrange my mail folders.  Some I use often are at the bottom and those I rarely use are at the top.
  4.  I have 3 email accounts (one I manage for my 90 yr. mother), will I only have access to two with the free version after the 30 day trial period is over?

All-in-all, after one day, I think I can finally cut the cord with Outlook.   GOOD JOB!

Hi, thank you for the suggestions, we’ll consider making these changes for future releases.

Thank you,

Hi JaK,

One way to force a certain order of your e-mail folders is to start the name of your e-mail folders with numbers, like ‘01’, ‘02’, et cetera.

Yes, with the free version of eM Client you will be able to use maximum 2 e-mail accounts.