Just installed,Autocomplete on contacts not working

Hi just installed eM client,it brought everything over from Windows Live mail
except the contacts list did not copy over,so imported the csv file
Contacts can be seen at the bottom of the page,but if I create a new email
and start to type the recipients name nothing comes up.
Have looked through the forum and seen a few things
like , " make sure in settings/mail/compose" Auto complete email when composing is ticked
But still no joy
Advice please

What type of email account did you setup ? eg: IMAP, Exchange, iCloud.

Also when you go to “Contacts” at the bottom left, do your imported contacts appear “under your mail account”, or under “local contacts” ?

Lastly can you do an example screenshot of where your contacts are showing in eM Client and blank out any personal details.

Hi thanks a lot for the reply
I believe its IMAP
4 buttons on the bottom left of email page 3rd one is says contacts (top part of a person)
when I click that
on the left it shows my email address
under that it says contacts under that it says my contacts
on the right it shows all my contacts

On the left it shows my email address
under that it says contacts under that it says my contacts

Ok that should normally work then when you type email addresses in the to, cc & bcc lines.

When you compose and email, “above the to” line does it show your same email account where the contacts are connected.

Thanks again for help,finally figured it out by accident
although the email addresses are there under contacts
there was one with the email address underneath it as well
and that one filled in ok when composing an email
so had to delete them all and start again
importing the .csv file had not filled them in

What was really pesty was when I first loaded emclient
it loaded all my phone contacts but no email contacts
when I deleted them to import the .csv file
it had deleted every number from my mobile phone as well
as unbeknown to me google had synchronized them
worth watching out for,bit of a glitch in the software in emclient


This is exactly how syncing works. If you sync your phone contacts with eM Client, editing or deleting a contact in one of them, with sync the change to the other. So not a glitch but exactly how syncing is supposed to work.