just had invite to upgrade to 7.2.36694.0 now outlook.com error

PC running win10 with latest updates and using  eMclient   7.2.35595.0 

All was working apart from the occasional operation error but a refresh always sorted, I upgraded to 7.2.36694.0 

Now my [email protected] email has a red triangle with exclamation mark.

If I hover over the red triangle a pop up box says connection error check your settings !!! I didn’t change any.

I have rolled back and installed previous version and  [email protected] account is working.

Out of interest I installed on my laptop just to see if its eMclient or my PC but it does exactly the same on my laptop.

The other email account I use a virgin media account still works ok.

Is is something I can do anything about or will I be stuck at 7.2.35595.0  for ever ?

I am watching closely, I have the same problem since the update.

My Outlook.com account setup as Exchange is syncing correctly.

If you are using IMAP, you can check your settings in Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab. Use port 993 with the security policy set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Another possibility may be your anti-virus or firewall application. With the version change in eM Client, it could be that the application is now blocking it’s access to the Internet. Temporarily disable the anti-virus/firewall and see if there is any difference.

No not using imap its setup to use exchange web services as per auto-setup.

Ill perhaps try later on my laptop disabling firewall and turning off AV , would there not be an advisory from the company if all of a sudden there is potentially a firewall/AV issue that users would need to deal with ?

There is always a potential anti-virus or firewall issue. The nature of those applications is that they control access to the Internet and the email client needs to connect to the Internet. Sometimes when they are updated, they lose their settings and will block your email client. Sometimes when the email client is updated, the firewall does not recognize it as the same one, so will block it. Sometimes when you change your settings in the email application, you will be using a different port and the anti-virus application or firewall will block it.

Usually not an issue with Exchange though.

Check laptop on the previous version all ok,  re-installed update and confirmed issue still there with outlook.com .

turned off firewall and AV,  outlook.com still not connecting red triangle virgin media email ok.

also tried my laptop on my home network and on Vodafone dongle same on both.

I am not gonna bother trying on home pc as i am 99.999% sure this will have the same effect.

I have spoken to a work colleague who uses eMClient and has a outlook.com email address she has confirmed in the last 10 minutes  that she gets red triangle too and is cursing me as she wasnt gonna update…oops.

Any more options ? 

I have been watching my Outlook.com test account since this thread was posted, and there has not been one error using eM Client 7.2.36694. 

You could try removing the account from eM Client, then adding it again.

Anyway, an immediate solution as you have discovered is to uninstall that service update and then download and install the previous version of eM Client from the Release History. Go with 7.2.35595 because 7.2.36465 has a load of issues.