Junk mail

I switched  to eMClient couple of weeks ago. Version 7 is fantastic, even better that Outlook. Just one problem. At the time of switching from another email client to eMClient, I am getting too many Junk messages. This was rare before. Have any of you experienced this issue. 

Hello Anil,
we record no such issue and since we do not share your mail address to any outside source, it is highly unlikely to be eM Client issue.
There are many reasons you may be getting an increase in SPAM and there are many articles online about it - for example this interesting blog post or answers in this CNET discussion, etc.


Hi Olivia, You have helped me in the past and I hope you can now. Can I make the letter i always capital even if its not the first letter? And how do you change the junk mail filter. I am getting tons of spam emails as well since changing. Dozens by the hour!!