Junk-Mail Treatment

How do I write a rule, which fishes the emails from the junk folder?

See @Gary reply on the below thread.

May '21

Messages are normally moved to the Junk folder by your email server and not eM Client, and once your server has moved them, there is nothing in eM Client that will move them out of the Junk folder automatically.

Your email provider should offer some way to disable spam filtering, or to mark messages as NOT Spam.

eM Client is also able to move messages to Junk, but only if you have added the sender’s email address or domain to a Blacklist. Go to Menu > Rules, and if there is a Blacklist Rule there, edit it and remove this sender’s email address or domain

Normally the spam filter on your server should learn when you remove mail from spam and remove the spam flag - at least Fastmail’s spam filter does.

I only use the eM Client for the Exchange from work and its spam filter does not use the spam folder. So I honestly don’t know if eM Client automatically removes the spam flag when you move a mail from the spam folder to another one. If in doubt, you have to manually set the mail to non-spam again.

I know of only one mail client that can apply rules to any folder and that is MailMate (macOS and IMAP only). Normally, mail clients only filter in the INBOX.