Junk mail folder not downloading

As the title says, EM Client is working fine except it hasn’t downloaded anything to my junk folder for weeks and occasionally something I need get’s filtered in there by mistake so it’s handy for it to at least be updating incoming mail there. Any suggestions??

Are you using IMAP or POP3? If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, you should see either a IMAP or POP3 tab for the account.

Imap. Just a standard Hotmail account.

You might consider removing the email account from eM Client, then adding it again.

Same here with both POP and IMAP. I let my newsletter move to the Junk folder, so they won’t clutter up my Inbox and I can delete them easily. Also it is easy to add new newsletters to the list this way. But since the latest update they are no longer downloading.

Do you have a Rule in eM Client that moves the messages to Junk, or is that handled by the server?

If it is done server-side, then with POP3 you won’t get the Junk folder at all as it only downloads from the Inbox.

Who is your email provider, and what version of eM Client are you using?

Client side, using the Junk mechanism. I’m using IMAP, with Versio.
When I use repair folder on the Junk folder, it seems to work again. But when eM Client is restarted the problem is back. I’ve never had this with earlier versions of eM Client, only with the latest version.

The immediate solution is to uninstall eM Client, then reinstall the earlier version that was working. All previous releases can be downloaded from the Release History.

So the Junk folder is not syncing with the server, or the Blacklist Rule is not moving the messages to Junk?

The item is sitting in the Junk folder, but only headers are downloaded. There’s a message that the email will be download next time you’re online, even though you are.

That issue seems to have been mentioned quite a bit recently. Try downgrading to 7.2.35595.

I uninstalled the current version without deleting the database. Installed version 7.2.35595.0 and it now works as a charm again.

me too. But have 2 email accounts, both IMAP, one is syncing junk mail (this old  ISP domain one get daily junk). My other regular used Gmail only gets occasionally junk but it isn’t appearing there as unread UNTIL I click on that folder and then it syncs. 
And all this mail is not junk. It isn’t blacklisted by any eMClient rules. I have had a look via Gmail web browser and I can’t see any reason why it is ending up in junk. Has been a bit embarrassing actually, the mail I have missed, some of it was very important.
Running V7.2.36908.0 which I only updated to a month or two ago so maybe this is the problem.

now it seems any new email address is going to junk.
and I cant see it unless I click on it he junk folder and then it syncs/downloads.
this is for gmail. I have looked at gmail settings and can’t see anything that would trigger spam. Besides even if server side said spam shouldn’t the header be in my junk folder as unread?
Under rules I have turn off the SPAM rule to see if that makes a difference (there is no way to see what the actual SPAM rule is)

No, I think this is Google moving the messages. If eM Client was doing it, then you would not have to click the Junk folder to sync the messages, they would already be there.

The Junk folder (and any other sub-folders) do not sync in real-time like the Inbox. Usually there are three dots next to the folder which indicates that there is new messages, but they are not synced. The folder will sync on the schedule set in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > General > Synchronization.

The Spam filter Rule moves messages that have been tagged as spam by the server but not moved by the server. It simply looks for the message header added by the server which is X-Spam or X-Spam Status is Yes.

When the Spam filter Rule moves messages to Spam, they will be marked as Unread and you will not have to click on the folder to download them. They will already have been downloaded in the Inbox, then moved by Rule. So as I said above, it is unlikely that eM Client is responsible for these movements.

I don’t get the 3 dots, or any indication there is unread junk mail. It doesn’t sync according to my schedule in Settings either (at start up and every 15 mins). I have to click the Junk Mail folder, then it syncs - the first time I did it I had mail going back 2 weeks!
So now I do it manually, regularly.

I had a bit of a google around and it seems it might be Gmails AI spam detector is way too sensitive, but I can’t change that apparently unless I whitelist everything.