Junk Mail Disappearing after 7 days

When I get an email that is obviously junk or spam, I manually right-click on it, then click to send it to junk and block either the domain or the email address. The junk mail folder only keeps them there for 7 days, and then they disappear. Is this what is supposed to happen or is there a way to set the number of days they remain in the folder before they are automatically deleted?

You might want to check with your provider what the retention policy is on the Junk folder.

Gmail for example is 30 days. My provider (GMX) allows me to specify the retention period for each folder.

Sometimes it is an option at your mailserver/host to delete unwanted mail in xx days. Check the folder settings at your mail provider.

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Gary and Sassefras–
You are right! I just checked with Comcast, and they do, in fact, remove junk after 7 days. I should have thought to check there! Thanks so much for your quick responses!

  • Jean