Junk Mail and other stuff

I have been using eM Client for a couple of months now and I mostly like it ok. There are a couple of small things I am having a problem with;

1. There is no way to tell a mail in ‘Junk’ that it isn’t junk. I email a couple of people fairly regular, my one sister and my best friend. Their mail seems to always end up in junk and I move it to the inbox but next time it’s the same thing. I like being able to right click and choose ;Not Junk then it shouldn’t go there again.

2. I find that rule making is very limited or am I missing something?

I like the calendar within the mail client very much, especially because I can actually see the gridlines. They are so pale in other programs that I find it confusing.

Junk is most likely being moved there by your server. You will need to login to their webmail interface, select the message in the spam folder, and mark it as not spam.

Rules are not that limited. Can you give an example of what you want the Rule to do?

Thank you for replying Gary. I use Gmail. In previous clients I’ve used the spam mail never downloaded to the client. It stayed in the spam folder on the Gmail webmail and it never put mail from friends or relatives in spam. What I just thought about now is IMAP setting. I’ve never used IMAP before eM. Maybe I should go back to POP… IMAP isn’t something I used until now. I don’t see the advantage for IMAP for one person. I’m not a business, just me.

As for the Rules, I tried to make a couple of rules so that mail from friends and relatives that were in SPAM would move to INBOX automatically. I tried but it didn’t seem to offer that ‘move’ option. Maybe I won’t need that if I go back toi POP.

Thanks again Gary…

Since rules act on emails as they arrive, this rule should work to keep the relatives and friends emails out of the SPAM folder until there is a another resolution… place the rule at the TOP of the rule list.

If the server is moving the message to spam, eM Client Rules will not move it out of spam.

Best option is to select the message in the Gmail spam folder, using their own webmail interface, and mark it as not spam. You only have to do that once for each person, and Google shouldn’t move it there again.

Thanks everyone for your help. I have decided to go a different route with my client.

I may be back. Thanks again.