Junk-Folder not detected


I have a server-side special-folder called “Junk” where spam is automatically moved by the server-side-spamfilter. eM-Client doesn’t detect this folder correct and creates a new Folder called “Junk E-mail”. How to point eM-Client to this server-side-folder and use this as junk-folder?

greetz, Frank

The option is available in your account settings. (Menu > Accounts > IMAP > Special Folders)

You will need to untick Automatically detect special folder names, and then edit the Junk option to reflect the server folder name, then restart eM Client. You may also have to edit all of the other special folders if they are not displayed after the restart. You can get this information from your email provider, as some servers have naming conventions like Inbox.Spam etc.

This is exactly what I was looking for. But there is only the “Sent” Folder

Looks like the server may not be fully compatible with eM Client.

Who is the email provider Frank? Maybe someone using the same provider will be able to comment further.

I’m my own provider. The server is a Debian Buster with dovecot-imap (v2.3.4.1) and Thunderbird, for example, detects all folder correct.

Trash, Archive, Sent, Draft, Inbox are detected correct, but they dont show up in settings.

I connected my old Gmail Account and they all show up, so I think it is really a server related problem.

Dovecot is not fully compatible with eM Client. I know for sure that public folders don’t work, but I have not seen that the other special folders are not displayed in the eM Client settings.

It may be a configuration issue with the Dovecot server, but I couldn’t comment as I have no other experience with that.

OK, thank you for now. I’m going to take a deeper look at the server-config. I come back, if I find a solution.