Junk filter add-ons?

Not meant as criticism, necessarily (knew about this going in), but eM Client’s lack of any sort of effective junk filtering algorithm, as found in nearly every mail application around, is beginning to become a significant problem. Limited rules deployment doesn’t cut it.

Question is, are there any junk filter add-ons that your team endorses (eg: http://spambayes.org). I haven’t tried them all, but most I’ve played with so far don’t really work well with eM Client (Cactus caused really bad crashes, for example). Mailwasher has turned into a trojan for bloatware and works on an expensive annual subscription, which is bogus.

Any advice (BTW, using POP - understand that the situation’s different for IMAP users).


I’m going to briefly respond to my own post: In further experiments I’ve learned that this [http://www.spamihilator.com/en/ ] appears to cooperate nicely with eM Client, so far.


we have blacklist and rules functions and we do not plan to add anything else in foreseeable future.
Spam/Junk filter are supposed to be server features mainly - it is still online so by logic it can be designed to handle spam/junk much better.

Anyway I am glad that you were able to find workaround over this and I hope it will help other users too if they will ever need this.


Appreciate your comment. eM Client has so much else good going for it that to have to compensate for this shortcoming (at least in the way I manage mail) is worth it. Also in the hope that it will help others, I can say that on further testing, Spamihilator (cited above) is continuing to prove itself an excellent companion app to eM Client. Recommended, if your circumstances warrant.


thank you for your understanding and sharing your experience with us.

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How did you get it to work with eM Client? I didn’t see a way to configure it for IMAP use with the program.

I’m using it with POP configurations, which I prefer.

I use it with POP configurations, which I prefer. According to the site it does work under IMAP configurations as well, though. I can’t advise, but the site does have a very thorough support section.

Sorry for the double post above. I hit “comment” inadvertently and found that I cannot delete the abbreviated message.

Here is link to their FAQ and there is written that it should work with both IMAP and POP3 but not under Hotmail (outlook.com).


BTW, three months later and I’m still finding Spamhilator easy to use and fairly effective at junk management along with eM Client. I still recommend it.

I’ve also been using Spamihilator with eM Client (POP) and it seems to work fine. I used to use SpamBayes with Outlook, but this is better.

A word to eM Client - you have a great email application, I love it and I’m  really pleased with it since not shellling out for Outlook.   

BUT…  you really do need to get your collective heads out of the sand about spam filtering, instead of just saying ‘its a server side feature’ (you respond thus in a number of posts) . Fine, but there are reasons why server side filtering is not always ideal.  Not saying you should build your own spam filtering mechanism as it’s kinda specialised, but at least review the offerings out there and offer some constuctive comments. Spam is too big an issue to ignore and it’s one of a couple of ‘holes’ in an excellent product! (the other, IMO, is mail merging from Contacts)

Hi Jim, thank you for the constructive criticism and thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases.

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Update - I’ve now moved over to IMAP mail (same provider) and Spamihilator is still working OK. Takes slightly more thought to set up, but it’s more understanding how Spamihilator works with IMAP. Not really a Spamihilator or emClient issue, it’s simply that by defintion, IMAP is a more complex beast. Spamihilator’s documentation is a bit vague on IMAP and how it works with it, had to do a bit of searching on their forum.

Any suggestion for spam-filter for emclient on mac? Spamihilator is only for Win.