Junk email

Outlook allows variable length character strings to be searched on in the search field. (sender address, description, to: address, etc  fields) When will eM Client follow suit. I rather use eM Client but Need to be able to block .pw and .ru senders also.

Hi, unfortunately search and rules for first level domains is currently not supported, we’re considering adding the feature into future releases of eM Client.
However I’m not completely sure what are you referring to in the search issue, you can also search for sender’s address, to and other fields such as bcc.

For more information about search options type in ‘?’ into the search field to display options.

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A retailer uses a mass mailer company to do its sales ads. The mass mailer company has many numbered and lettered domains. Example   @11abc.com, @12abc.com, @13abc.com, etc. Only the abc and abc.com is common in the domain name. Currently I have to specify each domain name to block the sales ads. When will I be able to specify just whats common (abc or abc.com) to block all of the mass mailer’s junk mail? 

Hi again Robert, unfortunately this is not an available feature and is currently not our roadmap to upcoming releases, however we will consider improving the feature for future releases of eM Client.


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