Junk Email Issue Revisited

I know the issue of valid emails appearing in the junk folder has been visited before, but in my opinion eM Client is responsible and there is some sort of bug. I use eM Client for Xfinity Comcast email that will rarely flag an email as junk. I have neither blacklisted domains nor senders. On a regular basis, emails from my local bank, national credit card and local county are flagged as junk. I set eM Client to leave emails on the server. When I checked the email server web interface, they are not flagged as spam there. When I retrieve them locally, they are flagged as junk. I receive daily emails from a family member that uses Xfinity Comcast service. Today, that family member’s email was flagged as junk – for no reason that I can detect other than the eM Client interface making that decision. Your email client makes the error frequently and I don’t think it’s my email server. I run Thunderbird on a device – none of these emails are flagged as junk there.

miércoles 04 agosto 2021 :: 2034hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @sberger11604

We cannot guarantee that this will work for you!

We have no idea if this will be of any help to you, however, we recently had a client experiencing a similar problem where emails from known sources were being sent to junk mail - they were also using email via Comcast/Xfinity and eMC as their client.
We concluded that the issue was NOT an eMC issue with eMC simply reacting to the Xfinity settings.
What we did…
In Xfinity Connect settings, you should see the Email Safe List and this may sound like a “safe senders” or a “white list”, but it’s a little different in one very important way.
The Email Safe List allows you to set the email address from which you want to receive email messages and messages from ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS WILL BE REJECTED and the headers adjusted to reflect this.
In other words, email messages from senders that are not included in the Email Safe List will never be seen, and sent to junk if the particular email client reacts correctly to the Xfinity settings.
You don’t want to use this Xfinity feature and need to make sure this is NOT enabled.

Hope this may help you.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!



Yes, I’m aware of that function. I don’t want to employ such a strict filter on my incoming emails, so I have that function turned off. Double-checked for assurance. Email Safe List is not enabled.

Even if it was enabled, that function would ensure that email was delivered to my inbox – since it will look and find a match against my contact list. When you enable this function on Comcast email servers, and the server doesn’t find a match in your contacts, it rejects the incoming mail – without informing the user. You will not be alerted to the rejection. It just happens with extreme prejudice.

In this case, an email from a user with a match in my contact list, and fellow Comcast customer, was sent to my junk mail folder. I don’t think that was the Comcast email server doing that. I think it had to be eM Client.

In my opinion, the issue remains.

Let’s take a new approach on this problem. Emails are being moved into my Junk Email folder that are not junk. One way to resolve this issue would be to stop emails from going to junk in the first place. If I generate a new eM Client rule that re-routes any email identified as junk into my inbox --and not into the junk folder – that might solve this problem.

Is a rule that re-routes junk mail something that eM Client will permit? Or will it always force the use of the junk mail folder?

jueves 05 agosto 2021 :: 1105hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @sberger11604

We are sorry and cannot help with ‘Rules’ as we only use them as a simple aid to file messages to specific Local folders, further we have never had anything sent to Junk.
All other filtering that we carry out is done server side using the program:
MWES SERVER from www.firetrust.com they also have a local version Mailwasher Pro
(they are considered to be world leaders)

If you have eMC Pro you can raise a ticket - if eMC Free maybe a user can help.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!




If the message has already been moved to Junk (or Spam by the server) eM Client Rules will not affect it.

Please go to Menu > Rules and disable the Spam filter Rule. It may be that the server marks the messages as spam, but does not move them. Then this Rule in eM Client sees that they are spam, and moves them.

Or, as a test, disable ALL Rules. Then eM Client won’t be moving anything.