Junk email handling and retention


I have seen a few variations on this concern in the forum (but not recently) so apologies if this is a duplicate.

My primary email account is an Exchange Online account.   I prefer using eM Client to Outlook 2016 because it talks to all of my other accounts (Gmail, iCloud) much more seamlessly but I do still have Outlook if I need it.

I recently received an email relating to an online order that I have made that ended up in my Junk Email folder.   I used the “Move to Inbox” feature but I noticed two problems when I looked at it in Outlook.

  1. The retention on the email was still only 30 days.   Far from ideal.   Could this be reset to “Use folder policy” automatically instead?

  2. I can’t see a way to add the sender to my safe senders list so I’m forced to do this separately in Outlook.

  3. If I mark an email as “not spam” in Outlook then it offers me the option to add the sender to my safe senders list at the same time.   Could eM Client do the same?   (Although I would note that Outlook doesn’t actually correct the retention policy at the same time, which I think is really bad.)

I’m still very happy with eM Client so thanks for a great product!



There are only two ways eM Client will move email to the Junk folder: the Spam Filter Rule is active and the mail header contains an X-Spam value, or the address is in the Blacklist. If the email was moved because of the Blacklist, the procedure is to right-click on the mail in Junk and choose Move to Inbox and remove address from Blacklist. If the mail was moved because of an X-Spam value in the header, all you can do is disable the Spam Filter Rule because this header is altered by a server that the mail has passed through. eM Client fortunately leaves messages marked as unread after moving them to Junk, so they are visible in the event they were incorrectly moved.

If the email was moved to Junk because of Server-side processing, then you need to change those settings through the server.


Thanks for the response.

I don’t think that it’s eM Client moving the mail to the junk folder.   I think that Microsoft are doing it in Exchange Online.   What I’m really proposing here is greater integration with Exchange server spam management features.   It looks like the EWS API offers a MarkAsJunk operation which can mark as junk/not junk, move to the inbox and manage the safe sender list.

An alternative idea for the retention policy problem might be to display the policy in effect somehow - perhaps only if it isn’t the default for the folder.   My main worry is not realising that an email moved from junk is going to disappear in 30 days.   If I can see it then I can do something about it.

Anyway, just an idea.