Junk E-mail won't delete

I have 34 old emails in my Junk E-mail folder from nearly a year ago that cannot be deleted. All 34 are from a single 30 day stretch. My yahoo mail spam folder is empty, and the “regular” daily new spam that lands in the junk folder can be deleted, but those 34 have remain. Running repair on the folder does nothing - if I run it when there IS something in the Yahoo spam folder, it downloads the spam, so I know it’s making the connection and syncing, but it never deletes the old 34. A guess is that something in the local file has become corrupt. Is there any way to get rid of this stuff? eM Client version is 9.2.2093 (6d2fe6b)

As the Junkmail’s are not showing in your online Yahoo mailbox and the eM Client repair on your Yahoo account folder made no difference as you advised, then try manually running the eM Client database repair via either the Dos prompt or Terminal depending on what OS you have.

(To repair the eM Client database manually for Windows)

Close eM Client and then open a Windows Command Prompt. Not a Powershell, Then Paste and run the following command:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\MailClient.exe” /dbrepair

(To repair the eM Client database manually for Mac)

Close eM Client and then “open the Terminal app via either Launchpad or Utilities” on the Mac. Then Paste and run the following command.

/Applications/eM\ Client.app/Contents/MacOS/eM\ Client /dbrepair

Apart from that if the junkmail is still showing in eM Client, you would need to remove and re-add your Yahoo account.

So if you have a IMAP Yahoo account, you can safely remove and re-add it without loosing email as its all on the server end and will re-appear soon after re-adding your Yahoo account.

However If you have a POP Yahoo account, then you will first need to copy or move your Yahoo mail and mail folders “down into Local Folders at the bottom left of eM Client”. Then once you are confident its all in Local Folders, then remove and re-add your Yahoo POP account. Finally then drag or move back up all your old Yahoo POP mail & mail folders etc to your new account.

The db repair worked, thank you.

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