Junk E-Mail security settings for attachments

Normally, images in e-mails are not displayed when opened for security reasons. You have to open them separately. Unfortunately, images are displayed immediately in the Junk Mail folder. This is a big danger! Right in the mail folder that is most at risk!!!
While checking my junk mail, my computer probably got infected.
Why can’t the procedure with the images in the junk mail folder also be the same as in the incoming folder?
Is it possible to change this in the program settings?

Attached images are part of the message source, so they are already downloaded when you receive the message. Whether you look at them or not, there is no difference. There is no risk either way.

The security risk is with linked images, not attached images. Linked images will go to a website as soon as you view the message, either to download the content, or pass data back to the site as with tracking pixels.

To avoid this, enable the privacy setting in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy. The default option is to block external content, so there will be no risk to you if there are tracking pixels in the message.

I might be wrong here (so apologies if I am @bugbox ) but I think the OP is saying that the images that are downloaded (as attachments) should not be displayed by default - especially if the message is in the Junk/Spam folder.

It is true that the image can do not techical/system harm if it is downloaded and previewed (as opposed to an inline image in an HTML email that can do harm by the nature of displaying it - which as Gary says can be controlled with the settings under “Privacy”) BUT… The image can do harm by its very content (which might be illegal, porn, politically incorrect, racist, phishing/scam etc… to certain vulnerable people / people of a sensitive nature / minors, etc. Some (most if not all) people would not want to even see the image (or want their children / grannies to see them previewed).

I think the OP is asking (like many others have asked) for an option not to automatically preview messages but this has not been implemented by emClient. In my humble opinion, it is wrong to blindly automaticall preview all attachments - even more so if those are in the Junk folder.

Many people are unhappy with the way that attachments are previewed in emClient and it has been addressed and raised in several threads but nothing has changed.