Junk E-Mail Question

Due to a policy tightening at Dreamhost on junk/spam emails, I receive emails in my junk folder which are bypassing my custom delete rules on eM Client, so now I have to delete them manually. There are 50 or more of them per day (annoying after have written a ton of delete filters). I have done what I can do to clean up Dreamhost filtering (selecting “Allow All”), and verified with Dreamhost support that I did it correctly. That fixed another issue of legitimate emails going to the junk folder, but I still am getting the emails in junk that I have custom delete rules for.

Is there any way to change this behavior of bypassing the rules if an email is going to the Junk E-.mail folder ? Thanks in advance.

Can you post a screenshot of one of the eMC rules that is being “bypassed”?

At the top of the rules screen, 2nd choice from the left, does it indicate “Local Rules”?

I receive emails in my junk folder which are bypassing my custom delete rules on eM Client

If unwanted emails are going directly to your spam folder, then you normally need to go to your spam folder (online via webmail) and set those emails to not junk.

Your online mailbox will then learn that, and you will then only get those emails in your Inbox the next time, where then your eM Client custom delete local rule will work.

You shouldn’t need to delete them manually. Your server should delete messages from spam/Junk automatically after some time. Or you can set eM Client to empty the Junk folder on a schedule in Menu > Settings > General > General. Just set the option to delete spam on exit older than x days.

@sunriseal Here’s one…

Rules won’t apply to messages already in the spam/Junk folder, so this will have no effect.

But as I said you don’t need to delete them yourself. If they are in Junk, your server will normally delete them periodically, or you can set eM Client to empty the Junk on a schedule.

@Gary Thank for your solution Gary. :+1:

@cyberzork I’m aware of this, but after entering hundreds of rules/sub-rules I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t require a duplication of effort.


According to the DreamHost website they automatically delete all spam and trash email messages older than 15 days. So i would then as @Gary advised just let the server auto delete those unwanted spam emails for you.

@cyberzork Yes, that’s how I have it set (1 day) as per Gary’s suggestion. I noticed that you can apply rules to the junk folder when you use them manually, so it would be a nice feature request for them to run the rules first, even though the email was destined for the junk folder, and only put the email in the junk folder if none of the rules applied.