Junk E-Mail Problem

Hello and good day,

I’m using a free account and my question is regarding Junk email.
I’ve been using emclient for a long time and I really like it.
I’ve noticed a few months ago until now that some of my important emails are
going directly to the junk email. These important emails are not block listed to me.
I have put rules actually for these emails to go to a specific folder when received.
Sometimes its working and sometimes no. From the previous years its working perfectly
but this year no.

Hope you can help me.

Thank you.

If your email account is setup as IMAP or Exchange, it is possible that the messages are being moved to the Junk folder by your email server. You will need to login to the web interface for your provider and add those senders to a safe sender list or mark them as not spam.

Okay I will try and then lets see.
But I’m just thinking, if this is true then all (that important emails that i’m referring) should be going to the junk email. Because sometimes the emails are moving to that specific folder which I set rules and sometimes it goes to the Junk email even if its from the same sender and these emails does not contain any attachments, advertisements and links, its purely text only.

There are two ways messages can be moved to the Junk folder:

  1. The server is doing that before eM Client syncs with it.

  2. eM Client is doing it after it has synced with the server…

If eM Client is moving the messages to the Junk folder, then it will be because of a Rule. It may be that you have created a Blacklist or other Rule that includes those addresses. So check if that is the case, and if it is, edit the Rule. In this case, ALL messages from that sender will move to the Junk folder.

eM Client also has a Spam filter Rule. This Rule looks for headers added by your server to indicate that the message is suspected spam. Some servers just add that header but do not move the message to a spam folder. In that case eM Client will act on it. Disable the Spam filter Rule and see what happens.

If it is being done by the server, either directly moving the message or adding the header, then it depends on what heuristics they are using to detect spam. It may be certain words, in which case only some messages from a sender will be moved.

I’m not sure im following you. I’m using gmail account and I checked the settings and for the POP / IMAP, both are Disabled. I checked also the Filters and Blocked Addresses and nothing is there. Actually I never touch the settings of my gmail account from the time i signed up.

I put up some rules that from a specific sender once email is received then it will be moved to a specific folder. But many times the emails are going to the junk emails and sometimes they go to the specific folder even if they are from the same sender.

I disabled the Spam Filter Rule but it did not solve the issue. By the way, I will just uncheck it to disable right?

It is most likely that Gmail is moving the messages to its spam folder before eM Client is connecting. You can test that by closing eM Client, and not using it for a few days. Instead, use the Gmail web interface. You will see that even though eM Client is not being used, those messages are still going to the spam folder.

Normally with Gmail you would select the message in the spam folder and mark as not spam. You can also search on the internet and find how to disable spam filtering in Gmail.

Right, unchecking it disables it.

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I think this solves the problem. For almost 2 weeks now after I marked the messages as not spam, nothing is going to the junk anymore.

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This is inaccurate. EM Client(8.2.1721 Pro) still to this day has an issue where e-mails are still going into the junk email folder which is created or a default folder for EM Client. Most likely, it is not a E-mail Host folder. Atleast, not with mines. Even after I whitelist that specific email from a sender multiple times, that same sender will constantly go into the “junk e-mail folder” which is a default folder with EM client and not my e-mail host. You can clearly see the icon attached and highlighted.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 092046

This is the spam folder on your server. It is just called Junk E-mail in eM Client, but it is the server folder which is synced with eM Client.

The one below that, which is called Spam, is not the one synced as spam/Junk with eM Client. It may just be another folder with that name used by another app, or you may have custom mapping with your server.

You can change it.

First, right-click on that spam folder and choose Properties. Make a note of the Server Location. Then go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab for this account. Untick the option to automatically detect special folders. Then for the Junk option, enter the folder name exactly as it was in Properties. Click on Save & Close and restart eM Client. That folder will now be used, and called Junk E-mail in eM Client.

But please note that if that folder below the one you highlighted is not really the server spam folder, and you map it to Junk, you won’t see the messages moved by the server to the spam folder at all in eM Client.

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