Jumbled up .csv address book file

I had to reinstall my windows and then install the em client 3 again.
My problem is, Originally i exported the address book to a csv file and it said it went ok. next i imported it again into the new reinstalled emclient 3 but what happened is, alot of the email addresses are gone completly like 80% of them, some of the email addresses left have been moved and over written the persons name field also. So at present i have no way to get back my address book intact. Is there import/export issues with v3 .csv at this time,? The fields are all there when you go import and infact in the address book ie:(name,email,phone etc) which i had originally, but from what i can see the data that gets exported into the csv is not in the correct place, which i did not know before formatting the comp?

export to *.csv file is not supposed to be used for storing all contacts details. It only saves the “table” (data grid) you are currently seeing.
There is *.vcf format for storing contacts.

So you can get back only informations which were displayed.Try to choose “Resolve fields from the first line” while importing.