Jpg attachment appearing in body of email text.

I’ve just had eM Client installed. However, if I send a jpg as an attachment, it also shows at the foot of the text - ie in the body of the email itself. How can I turn this this off, please?

eM Client tries to display attachments inline if possible, but this is not so with all email clients. It will depend on what email client the recipient is using as to how it is displayed on their end.

I sent it to myself as a test - I’m still finding out the various aspects of a new email programme.  So it was eM Client to eM Client.  Is it possible to ensure that a jpg attachment (eg photo or illustration) isn’t reproduced in the email text?

I’ve tried sending it to my old email a/c, which was Outlook.  The jpg doesn’t display within the body of the email there.  Is this a peculiarity of eM Client?  If so, and if it can’t be altered, reluctantly I might need to get rid of it.

The graphic is not actually in the email text. eM Client just displays it at the end of the message. As far as I can remember this was introduced about 10 years back. I just had a look and both Thunderbird and Evolution do that by default as well. I guess all modern email clients have adopted that system. Maybe if you find an older application that does not have that functionality, but then it may not have other useful features.

There is no setting in eM Client to change that behavior.

Thanks.  I did, actually mean that the jpg/graphic appeared at the end of the message.  I appreciate you letting me know that about Thunderbird, though - I was considering switching to that.  It’s annoying to hear that this feature can’t be altered, but I appreciate your swift reply to my query and the helpful explanation.

In Thunderbird you can disable showing attachments inline, but it is on by default.

Now that sounds very helpful!  I will most likely ask my tame computer technician to install that for me after the weekend - and sadly it looks as if Em Client will have to be jettisoned.  Again, many thanks.