"Join online meeting" is missing from a lot of online meetings

The “Join online meeting” link is missing from many meetings, even though the meeting is online and has links to a Zoom meeting.
I could find anything in common for all those meeting, I thought it happens on a repeating event, but then I saw that some does have the link.

It should look like this:

As long as the link is there, the join button should be as well.

What version of eM Client are you using? (Menu > Help > About)

Thank you for your response.
I am using the latest version of eM client (9.0.something - not the beta).

The point is that many of the meetings don’t have the “link” field, despite being an online meeting (the location field has the link).
Microsoft Outlook displays them all good, with the “Join Meeting” link, Google Calendar displays it well, eM client doesn’t. I can add some screenshots if that will help.
I can see in my calendar, that there’s something different in the meetings, but Outlook converts the “location” field to a link, I hoped eM will do the same.

That means that technically they not online meeting events, but a regular event that has a link to an online meeting in the description.

You will need to open the event and click on the link to join the meeting.

Good Day,

I am experiencing the same/ similar problem.

I send out online meeting requests from the latest version of EM Client but recipients using predominantly MS Outlook do not receive a link anywhere on the invite to join same.

Furthermore the “Description” included under advanced settings when preparing the invite, does not deliver to recipients and is not visible in the body of the invite on their side.

Please assist as I currently have to manually copy and email the meeting details (link) separately to the invite to the invitees on every occasion.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for the assistance.

Just purchased the app since my company is switching to GSuite. Had I known you cannot send live links from Zoom or Google Meet I would have rethought this.