Japanese Font Trouble

Hi emClient Team,

Perhaps you have already been aware of this issue, but it looks like being neglected for a long time.
When HTML email does not designate specific double-byte fonts - for example, simple font resignation like “font-family: SansSerif”, emClient seems to use Chinese Font (e.g. SimSun, YaHei, etc) instead of Japanese Font (e.g. Meiryo, MS P Gothic, etc) even in the Japanese-language version.

I don’t know exactly about the internal behavior of emClient, but it seems to prioritize Chinese fonts over Japanese fonts even though you have selected “Japanese” in the emClient language setting. Chinese character and Kanji (in Japan) looks very similar to non-Chinese/non-Japanese people, but they are different characters.
I would appreciate if you take up this long-lasting problem and fix it. Thanks.