Jabber Chat window doesn't display text of any messages sent or received

Jabber Chat window doesn’t display text of any messages sent or received

Hello Neil,

Do you get an error message of some kind? If that is the case, could you please post a screenshot of the error/any message that the program displays and the content of the third tab titled ‘Log’ in Menu -> Tools -> Operations? What version do you use?

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I have an issue with the chat feature of EM7. Messages that are only a URL (begining with https:// for example) or messages that start with a “/” character are not displayed in the chat window.

The most surprising thing is that the notification popup displays the content of such messages properly.

This issue was not present in the previous version of emClient.

I use the chat feature with a gmail account.

My version of EM Client is 7.0.27943.0

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Just to clarify my previous statement. It is actually messages that star with whitespaces that do not show up. URLs show up fine.

Also I need to check about messages with HTML markup.