IWDC -IMAP support to be still in its infancy?

I’ve created an IMAP account at the client to sync with an Icewarp server.

How can I subscribe the message folders I like to see or not?

Why the contact or calendar folders of the imap account are not shown at the client? I need to add a caldav account for each shared event folder in add. to the IMAP account

Also how can I see/subscribe the shared folders like webmail?
Right now I see all shared folders that Ive added to the webclient.

If a have added just an shared event folder on the webclient I see at the Desktop client a grayed EMail folder but no event folder.

We do not support subscriptions yet.

IMAP is used for email-only. We do not use the proprietary IceWarp extensions for Groupware access since we use native CalDAV/CardDAV protocols to access these items. For accounts configured using the automatic discovery mechanism all the necessary settings are configured automatically.

While we do not have mechanism to subscribe to shared folders it is still possible to accomplish it by creating folder named “~name@domain.com” (where “name@domain.com” is email of the other user) under the account root folder.

Do you support subsrciptions with the v3.5?

Because we have groupware accounts on the server just for calendar events.
But with the IMAP account I get for each groupware account (where I’m a member of) a grayed or not grayed list entry in EMail section… with no function.

I don’t need it at the Mail section on the client.

Not yet in 3.5…