ive got a new laptop and just installed em client but i already have a account how do i sign in using my old one ???

ive already got em cliemt on my old laptop but just installed it on my new one how do I sign in with my old account as it keeps telling me to create a account ??

Hello Nicky,

You first need to set up the account that you’d like to use. Go to Menu -> Tools -> Accounts, click on the plus, write down your e-mail address and follow the next steps.

If you use hotmail/msn/live/outlook, please go to Tools -> Accounts -> New Account but skip the “Automatic Setup” option and in the “Mail” option click on the Exchange icon (see attachment). Afterwards just enter your email address in both “Email address” and “User name” fields, enter the password and then be patient while eM Client is “Obtaining server configuration records”.

If you’d like to use eM Client on more than one device simultaneously, it will be necessary to have the corresponding number of licenses. The eM Client licenses are set to work for one device only, one license per address (for free users).
Please let us know how it went.