i've change my pc,i need to import the file mail_data ( dat file) how can i do it?



You have to copy whole database or nothing at all, otherwise it will cause serious problems and errors and might even damage your data.

best way how to do this is using file - backup… or file - export…, depends if you need all or only few things from old PC.

anyway for future needs all data are stored here C:\Users\Honza\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
but as I have written you have to copy all or nothing and it is better to use tools which I have mentioned before.


Ok, i do it, so, next time i have to restore the backup file before then downloding from the mail server the new mail…

I am no sure if I have understood you right.

first thing is to make backup or export from eM Client on PC you are leaving.
then you can transport it to another PC and restore from it or import your exported files.

But you have to be sure that you are transporting that back to same or newer version eM Client because older version are often unable to read from that.

Also restore from backup delete you data you have made after that backup.


HI. I Changed my Windows from Vista to 8.1 Pro But I didnt export the files before I did it. Sorry. I Still have the .dat files , Is there a way to get them imported into the EM Client? 

Hello, in order to restore your database completely you need to have a valid backup file saved within the backup folder prior to restoring the data. If you don’t have an existing backup, you can try to replace your current eM Client database files with the ones you’ve manage to safe in your user/AppData/Roaming folder.

However, please note this is not a supported option for safely restoring your data and this procedure may result in database corruption disabling you from accessing the database data.

Hope this helps,