Issues with work email - Any Assistance would help - Outlook/Microsoft Issues?

Trying to get emails from my two work emails:…

is one of them. It requires a domain followed by a forward slash for the username and the password: domain\lastname_f and password

I cannot get this to work with emclient. I tried both Outlook and Exchange and neither can access with error messages. I do not know where to put the domain or if I need to

Second issue is with other work email…

No domain on this one but I am getting issues that it cannot access the email.

Can anyone point me in the direction to make this work because I really like the feature set of emClient.



if you need to enter a domain while setting up an exchange account in eM Client you have to use the setup for exchange mail.
Instead of using the automatic setup that’s automatically showing if you click on New account in the accounts window. Switch from the automatic setup tab to the Mail tab and click on Exchange.

If you have issues with this let me know.

What issues exactly are you experiencing with the second account?
Are you receiving any errors?

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Hello Paul,

I tried again to setup the first one with my work and I am still getting errors on setup. I click on email and go to Exchange. I then put in my email address : [email protected], for user name I use cityofelgin[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and I then put in my password. It responds by saying trying common IMAP4 configurations and then trying common POP3 configurations and it errors out.

I then tried to do an automatic instance of it and failed also but allowed me to change the manual settings. Again it failed when I put the information in…I clicked fix it and the SMTP fixed itself but the POP3 did not. I am not more confused than ever on why this is not working.

I looked at my phone and inputted the same setting although they have incoming and outgoing setting on my K9 Mail which works fine but for some reason this one is not.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I’ll hold off on the second account until I can get this one to work right

Hi, can you please try using different options for the username?
We believe if you use the “manual” setup you should be using either cityofelgin\przybylski_m or [email protected] as your username instead of what you’re using.

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I tried both with the domain and just the name and both failed to gain access for me. I would be willing to provide you with the password via email if you want to try and make it connect so that I can make this work. I am not understanding why this is being so troubling.


Can you please contact me at [email protected]?

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