Issues with Replies

I guess it’s my turn to suggest to the guys that wrote the program that I know how things should really work (that’s a joke. Mostly :wink: )

In the old mailer that I hate (Em is much better) there were a few very cool behaviors.

  1. If you open a mail and you first highlight some text and THEN hit REPLY the replay mail is created, headered, addressed, etc. but the only text brought into the body is the highlighted text
    — The reason this is helpful is that it helps keep replies on-topic. The original email contains 11 items and I wish to respond to only one.
    ---- Also, the highlighted text is pasted into the reply mail AS QUOTED (> in Linux talk)

  2. If you position your cursor within the quoted text and hit [ENTER] the new line created is NOT quoted - so you can comment in-line

  3. If you change the default Font, size and color once, that change remains for the rest of THIS REPLY and even if you position your cursor in the middle of a quoted line and type, it comes in YOUR font.
    ---- It’s impolite to change the person’s text if you are quoting them.

** unless you are engaged in pointless debate over politics - then it’s very handy to edit their argument into what you WANT it to say so that you can more easily argue against it.

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